Local Hiking

Into the Wild

Wild places are necessary for the soul. Seven Canyons puts you in the midst of hundreds of miles of trails that lead to a diversity of Sedona’s most monumental scenery. Backcountry trails off the beaten path wind their way through refreshing arroyos, red rock vistas and canyons of ever-changing hues. Peaceful pathways reveal serene waterfalls and sacred pools. Exhilarating climbs take you to ever-greater heights to survey one of nature’s most phenomenal landscapes within the diverse terrain of Sedona’s famed parks. Whether you’re a novice or a trailblazer, you’re bound to find a hike that stirs your spirit.

Among our favorites: Cathedral Rock, a 1.5-mile loop trail, and Bell Rock Trail, a 4.5-mile hike.

For more inspiration close to home, please visit our curated list of top hikes for every skill level at www.enchantmentresort30.com/trail-maps/.

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